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Challenges don’t scare Mike. As the first Athlete with Disabilities to cross all 5 Great Lakes in the summer of 2022, this athlete’s reputation was built on overcoming systemic barriers to achieve the ‘impossible.’

Mike Shoreman’s life exemplifies persistence, resilience, and incredible transformation. Renowned for his authenticity and influential mindset, Mike addresses how to confront uncertainty and fear with positivity and success. As a gifted storyteller, he blends inspiration, likability, and candor, offering practical solutions to challenging situations based on his remarkable journey.

A nationally recognized coach with Paddle Canada, Mike’s life changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome in 2018. This condition led to severe physical impairments, including loss of mobility, hearing, and vision, chronic vertigo, and facial nerve collapse, culminating in a mental health crisis.

After a grueling physical rehabilitation and mental health recovery, Mike found a new purpose. Defying medical expectations, he returned to paddle boarding, ultimately making history in 2022 as the first person to paddle board across all five Great Lakes.

His journey supported national mental health organizations and raised significant awareness across Canada and globally. Mike’s Great Lakes Crusade and his own experiences underscore that resilience can be built through facing everyday challenges.

He works with organizations, corporate groups, and academic institutions to inspire audiences to push beyond their limits. Mike shares valuable lessons on maintaining positivity and focus amidst adversity, providing real-world examples that empower individuals and teams to achieve practical solutions for optimal outcomes.

Mike’s work has been recognized by the Ontario Legislative Assembly, the House of Commons and the Prime Minister. He has been nominated twice for the Ontario Premier’s Award and received the Marg Starzynski Mental Health Leadership Award from the Mood Disorder Society of Canada in 2022. In 2024, his paddleboard from the Great Lakes crossings was inducted into The Canadian Canoe Museum. The Council of the Great Lakes Region honoured Mike with The Changemaker of the Year Award in 2024.

Mike Supports

“We have had numerous positive responses following Mike’s presentation. Using humour and storytelling, Mike connected with our teams instantly. It was very well received to say the least.”

Lt. Col. Trevor Porteous, Canadian Armed Forces


“Mike is a force on stage. Dynamic, motivating and completely engaging with audience members. He left everyone feeling like they can achieve anything.”

Elijah Lawal, Global Communications and Public Affairs, Google


“A dream to work with. Mike was invested in the success of our conference from day one to the delivery. As a conference organizer I was won over by his ability to identify what our objectives were from early planning stages. ”

Peter Young, META Employment Services


“Mike is a motivational powerhouse. His lessons and stories had more than half of our audience in tears and wanting more. He was the hit of our event.”

Bernie Gluckstein, Gluckstein Lawyers


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