When Hope Breaks Through

Disabled athlete Mike Shoreman attempts to cross all 5 Great Lakes on a paddleboard to raise awareness and funding for mental health programming and services for young Canadians.

Director Matthew Wagner examines the Canadian Mental Health crisis, featuring expert interviews with Directors and Chief Medical Officers of Canada’s leading Mental Health organizations including CAMH, Jack.org, Sick not Weak and Talk Suicide Canada.

Including Expert Interviews by:
Dr. Alison Crawford, Director of CAMH, Talk Suicide Canada
Michael Landsberg, Founder of Sick Not Weak, TSN, CTV
Liz Braun, Editor of Toronto SUN


When Hope Breaks Through

Directed by Matthew Wagner Films

Cinematography: Matthew Wagner, Joe Matteson, Andrew Sorlie

Runtime: 1h 40m USA/ 2023

Release Date: August 2023

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